Whether you’re pushing a limited-time offer or just generally promoting your products, it’s essential to make your marketing messages both visible and valuable to your site visitors, or people will develop “banner blindness”.


Bank and credit union marketers need to understand the concept of “promotional positioning”, which aims to create connections with your products and website users based on their goals, interests, lifestyles and life stages. Because this type of promotion will be more relevant to your audiences, it increases engagement and ultimately conversions – the goal of every financial marketer.

Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.Helen Ginsberg

Making website promotions appeal to people requires financial marketers to understand their target audience. Here are a few solid approaches to establish relevance when it comes to your financial product promotions.


Align With Consumers’ Goals. Appealing to visitors’ objectives is an effective way to gain their attention and encourage them to explore your offerings. Common financial goals include saving more money, paying off debt, and building credit. By promoting products and services as ways to achieve these goals, financial institutions can increase the perceived value of their solutions, and even the number of products a person uses.

  • Address Common Lifestyles
  • Highlight Potential Interests
  • Website Widgets
  • Solution Finders