Professional services

Every enterprise is looking to transition to a smart, intelligent enterprise to keep pace with the changing business needs, customer preferences and employee satisfaction. At Optigrise, we want our customers to be successful by transforming into Smart Enterprises.

Today’s business environment requires the use of emerging technologies to provide efficient professional services solutions.

Some of the Services at Optigrise are -

Automation has changed over the years from cost saving and operational efficiency to increase productivity, improve customer experience and deliver automation at significant scale. The team at Optigrise has expertise in techniques and tools used for bringing in Automation like RPA, IT Automation, BPM/Workflows, API & Integration or Intelligent Automation.
Optigrise has been a pioneer in Cloud solutions and have helped a large number of customers in BFS, Insurance, Retail, CPG and Manufacturing successfully move to cloud. The benefits of migrating to a cloud infrastructure are only getting stronger as the technology evolves. Optigrise provides expert services in cloud consulting, cloud architecture, cloud app migration, cloud native app dev, cloud data migration, cloud native data dev, and cloud testing and ops.
Optigrise’s unique approach is to use Agile Management with Agile Engineering & DevOps, and an Agile collaborative culture across the organization. We use Agile Digital Pods along with Design Thinking & Customer Empathy to deliver strong business value.
SAP suite of product and cloud hosted SaaS services can help in improving customer experience and modernizing/migrating core systems. SAP S/4 HANA provides a completely new approach in the ERP and business app landscape. Organizations can build a complete omni channel platform that includes sales, CRM, digital marketing, Ecommerce, service management, and customer data management with SAP C/4 HANA. Whether it is SAP S/4 HANA migration, extending core SAP products to implement CRM or evaluating SAP Leonardo Intelligent platform, Optigrise can assist you.
- Microsoft’s Office 365 and Dynamics 365 are cloud SaaS offerings for Office productivity, collaboration and business applications. Dynamics 365 is a cloud hosted SaaS platform containing all services that an enterprise needs including CRM, Sales, Marketing, Field Service, Financials and Talent/HR. Along with Office 365, Azure, Power Platform and AppSource, Dynamics 365 provides an end to end platform for professional services.

At Optigrise, we combine technical proficiency, experience, and skills to enable enterprises to unlock innovation and make a difference in the tech world. Whether you need a product engineering consulting, move to big data analytics, application maintenance, or an MVP launched, we are here to help.