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In today’s digital age, almost anything and everything depends on software applications. This makes the process of application maintenance and support a strategic requirement for all of those looking to add value and improve business outcomes.

Overview of Application Maintenance

Providing application maintenance, management, and support of the modern digital and post digital applications require new processes, tools, people, and a complete change in perspective. Optigrises’ AMS++ methodology resolves these challenges by introducing digital tools, technologies and Agile, DevOps and SRE culture

Offerings in Application Maintenance

Multi-tier support that can be flexibly adjusted to your specific needs. Level 1 involves help in documenting, categorizing and assigning the issue. Level 2 deals with support tickets that could be resolved by updating application configuration. Tickets unresolved by L2 flows to L3, and is responsible for code changes and other complex changes. L4 deals with complex issues that require help from the product vendor, dev team, etc.
Optigrise provides AMS++ support for SAP, Microsoft, Open source, Data and analytics, Cloud and AI/ML and more
DevSecOps adds security to development and operations, especially important in a scenario where IT and Cyber Security are the key differentiators for success. DevSecOps adds ‘Security First’ approach into System Architecture, Design, Build and QE. Security is integrated into the development lifecycle – from architecture to build to testing to deployment.
SRE or Site Reliability Engineering is a framework popularized by Google as a new way of managing and operationalizing a system in production. SRE team is responsible for is scalability, availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning. SRE team constitutes of engineers & programmers as well as Sys Admins and IT Pros.

Application maintenance helps in improving software performance making it highly agile, adapting it to a changing environment and troubleshooting when the need arises. Our expertise in AMS, DevSecOps, SRE & Ops and more will help enhance and manage the IT solutions, so that enterprises stay relevant, and meet the changing needs of users.


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