Overview: Why Digital?

In today’s ever changing business landscape, organizations of different size, industry and background needs one thing in common to survive and be successful – Digital Transformation and Continuous Learning and Adaptability. Organizations that are slow to adapt are getting disrupted by their competitors at a greater pace than ever.
While there are ever increasing debate over the definition of Digital and Digital Transformation, we think the key levers of Digital are –
Smart Enterprise
Our Approach

Tomorrow’s Smart Enterprise

Tomorrow’s smart enterprises would use Digital Transformation (DX) to it’s advantage to beat competitors. Smart enterprises would use Data and Advanced Analytics to drive decisions, they would automate tasks. These new gen organizations would be fast & agile to come up with new products and services.

Our Approach - Digital Transformation Continuum & Framework

Our Digital Transformation framework constitutes of five key pillars and a set of digital foundation areas.
Our solutions and service offerings are built specifically around our Digital Transformation Framework.
The five key pillars are –
  • Experience & Interactive
  • Data & Insight
  • AI & Automation
  • Digital Systems & Technology
  • Assurance & Operation
The digital foundation areas are –
  • Agile & DevSecOps
  • Next Gen ADM & Delivery Focus
  • Continuous Learning
  • Design Thinking & Digital PODs
  • Next Gen Skills
  • Architecture Focus

Our Services

Success Stories

Success Story: Modern, Microservice oriented cloud native system build on AWS public cloud.
Client – North America based Telecom Giant.
Cloud Native Service
Success Story: Using Dell Boomi to drive Digital Transformation
Client: European Energy & Utility major
Digital Integration Service
Success Story: Automating invoice processing using Intelligent Automation, OCR and Natural Language Understanding
Client: Large manufacturing company based in Europe
Intelligent Digital Automation Service
Success Story: Automating EMR data entry process through RPA
Client – A leading healthcare company based in USA.
RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
Success Story: Preventing fraudulent health care claims using AI & Machine Learning.
Client: one of the leading health care companies in APAC.
AI and Machine Learning
Success Story: Modernizing traditional data warehouse platform to new gen data warehouse on cloud
Client: A large bank in US
Modern Data Warehouse on Cloud

Innovation and Our Thinking

How we can help?

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Digital Services


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